Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

Thank you for your recent purchase of EverLights! EverLights is produced with highest quality components and we offer a competitive warranty in the industry. Please read carefully below to understand the restrictions and limitations of this warranty. Terms of this warranty may be subject to change without any notice to you. In the event of any change to the terms of this warranty that may affect you, EverLights will notify you of such changes in writing. If you do not understand this warranty please write us at or visit our website at

Who is Covered?

​In all circumstances, the party entitled to the warranty offered herein is the owner of the property in which any EverLights Products (the “EverLights Products”) has been installed (i.e., the initial end-user of the EverLights Products or subsequent property owners) (the “Covered Owner”). Such Covered Owner includes developers, builders, and/or contractors that install the EverLights Products on a property intended to be built and developed for subsequent sale. To be entitled to the benefits of this warranty, the Covered Owner must activate the warranty within 90 days of delivery of the EverLights Products.

Any and all EverLights warranties shall begin immediately on the date of delivery of the EverLights Products to the Covered Owner, so long as the Covered Owner has activated the warranty as provided herein (the “Warranty Activation Date”). In the case of EverLights purchased from a third-party installer or dealer, then the warranty shall begin upon complete activation of the EverLights mobile phone application for use of the EverLights Product.

To activate please fill out the form below. Due to the fact that EverLights Products are also sold to third-party installers, the purpose of this activation is to ensure that EverLights can properly maintain full and accurate records of covered EverLights Products. As such, failure to timely activate the warranty will result in the EverLights Products not being covered by any warranties offered by EverLights.

What is Covered?

This warranty is specifically related to EverLights Products, not any associated labor for installation. EverLights Products are warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship or materials for a period of 1 to 15 years. Such period of coverage is dependent on the specific product and installation method as defined below. Further, coverage of EverLights Products is fully contingent on the EverLights Products being used according to their design and, in the event of installation by a third-party or the Covered Owner, installed in accordance with their instructions and “Tips & Tricks.” Information related proper installation can be found at the following link:


In the event EverLights Products are being installed by a third-party installer, EverLights strongly recommend that Covered Owners obtain, at minimum, a labor warranty from the third-party installer, together with a maintenance contract.

EverLights warranty is void if the EverLights Product is not used or handled as the EverLights Product is intended to be used or handled. Furthermore, this EverLights warranty is fully void in the event the EverLights product is not installed in accordance with their instructions as provided above.

EverLights Products – specifically EverLights LED lights – are intended to be installed specifically using EverLights components, including the EverLights Bridge, EverLights Wireless Receiver, EverLights Power Booster (5v), EverLights Classic Power Booster (24v), EverLights Data Buffer, EverLights Unlit Wire – Color changing (4 wire), EverLights Unlit Wire – Class (2 wire), EverLights Butt Splices Heat Shrink Connectors, and EverLights Y Heat Shrink Connectors (collectively, the “EverLights Components”). In the event EverLights Products are installed without using EverLights Components, then any applicable EverLights warranty, as provided herein, shall be fully void.

The determination of whether the EverLights warranty is void due to any reason provided herein shall be made by EverLights in its sole and absolute discretion.

EverLights LED lights, control box, and power booster are separate components and are warranted under separate terms as provided below. The failure of one component does not subsequently trigger a warranty claim on the other component.

EverLights warranty is void if the product is not used or handled accordingly.

How Long Are EverLights Covered (1 to 15 Years)

During the EverLights warranty period (the “Warranty Period”) provided herein, EverLights will, at its option and discretion, compensate Covered Owners for valid warranty claims by (1) repairing the failure or defect in the event EverLights installed the EverLights Product, (2) offering to refurbish or replace EverLights Product or part, or (3) offering reimbursement in the case of a failure or defect of an EverLights Product that has been discontinued or is no longer available.

The determination of whether or not the EverLights Product is failing or defective shall be made by EverLights in its sole and absolute discretion with consideration given to the overall performance of the product. It is the responsibility of the Covered Owner to track EverLights Product failures and provide documentation of instances in which they would like to make a warranty claim. Documentation may include but is not limited to the date of failure and a clear photo of the claimed issue.

Except in the event that the EverLights warranty is void or limited as provided herein. EverLights will provide warranty coverage from the Warranty Activation Date to the end of the applicable Warranty Period for the following manufacturing failures and defects:

* In the event installation is completed by a third-party installer, EverLights recommends that the Covered Owner enter into a labor warranty and a maintenance contract.

EverLights Warranty Information

Any and all implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranty of merchantability and implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, shall only be effective during the Warranty Period.

What is Not Covered (Exclusions & Limitations)

As provided above, this limited warranty does not cover any labor for installation or otherwise. Furthermore, in addition to events voiding this warranty as provided herein, this limited warranty does not cover damage to EverLights products due to any cause or condition beyond EverLights’ control. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Damage or loss of EverLights as a result of failure of roof, gutter, soffit, etc…

2. Wind damaging home and thus EverLights.

3. Sun or UV rays fading or discolouring product.

4. Acts of God, accidents, fire, or floods.

5. Over tightening a cap beyond “finger tight” and causing the post to break off.

6. Objects or persons striking home and thus EverLights

7. Improper or faulty installation.

8. Damage or loss due to improper power flow throughout the home or to the EverLights Product.

9. Inadequate gutter or roof drainage.

10. Altering the product outside of intended use as advertised by EverLights.

11. Neglect or abuse by the Covered Owner or any other third-party, including but not limited to invitee, licensee, or assignee.

12. Leaks caused by pre-existing conditions or structural failures on the property.

13. Any costs incurred which were not previously authorized by EverLights in advance.

In addition to the above, any compensation offered by EverLights will not cover any physical damage to the property, including but not limited to the surface of which EverLights Products were installed.

Claims Process

To make a claim under this warranty, the Covered Owner is required to do so within thirty (30) days after discovering the problem, failure, or defect. Warranty claims should be directed to

To fully evaluate the claim, EverLights may ask you to provide, at your expense, pictures of your EverLights and/or samples for EverLights to see and test. To the extent EverLights requires additional information, it will provide you with instruction on what is necessary to evaluate the claim. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send questions or concerns to or visit website


Under the terms of this Limited Warranty, the manner of compensation is at the sole discretion of EverLights and may be issued in the following forms

• Repair the failure or defect (if installed by EverLights);
• Refurbish or replace EverLights product or part; or
• Cash reimbursement (if EverLights Product has been discontinued or is no longer available).

EverLights reserves the right to utilize new or refurbished products or parts in the warranty repair or replacement process. All products and parts will be equal in function and performance to an original product or part, as determined by EverLights in its sole discretion. The warranty of the new or refurbished parts are warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period.

Note: In the event of cash reimbursement, the cost will be determined by the cost of the EverLights Product at the original time of purchase.

Transferring This Warranty

This warranty only applies to a transfer of ownership via property sale if the product was originally registered within 90 days of purchase by the original owner. If product was not formally registered and the warranty activated, EverLights reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to limit or void this warranty in its entirety.

No Modifications to this Warranty

As provided in the initial paragraph of this warranty, the terms of this warranty may be subject to change without further notice to you. In the event of any change to this warranty that may affect you as the Covered Owner, EverLights will notify you of such change and direct you to its warranty page for review of any such changes.

This warranty may not be changed or modified in any manner whatsoever except as otherwise expressly provided in the preceding paragraph. Under no circumstance will any term of this warranty be changed or modified if not done via a written communication to you directing you to the official EverLights warranty page. As an example, this warranty may not be changed by electronic mail (unless such electronic mail directs you to the warranty page), text message, phone call, oral conversation, or any other method of communication.

Furthermore, under no circumstance may any individual, whether or not directly or indirectly involved with EverLights as an officer, agent, representative, employee, contractor, installer, or builder, assume any additional liability or responsibility on behalf of EverLights as to the EverLights Products warranties, nor may any such individual modify or change the terms of this warranty in any way or manner.