How It Works

Our patented design makes a smart and affordable
home lighting solution a reality.

Easily... and almost invisibly... installed.

xmas lights that are hidden during the day xmas lights at night

A Better Control Box & Functionality

With the EverLights Control Box, you have the ideal level of convenience and control. Install conveniently in your garage and connect to your home wi-fi network. The box both powers and controls whatever light show you create, with two independent zone outputs you can control separately or at the same time.

Convenient Install

Control Box easily sets up in your garage for convenient access.

Connect To Wifi

‚ÄčSimply connect to your home wi-fi network. Doesn’t get any easier.

Power and Control

Control your light creations from your mobile app and Control Box.

Two Independant Zones

Set up two separate or simultaneous zones.

Convenient Access:

Set Up Your Lights Each

Year From Your Garage…

Not A Ladder.

Complete Mobile Control

  • Control each individual light with our custom sequence builder.
  • Preview your patterns as you build them. Changes are instant.
  • Set on autopilot! Holiday patterns auto activate at dusk and dawn. Set it and forget it.
  • Program your sequences to your calendar. Set multiple patterns for any calendar date or event.
App Overview Video
EverLights customized house lights mobile app

No Gutters or Flashing? No Problem.

Grab some J-channel from your local home improvement store or contact us at if you are interested in purchasing custom channel available in 60 colors.

Nearly Invisible During the Day

Whether installed by you or a local technician, with EverLights you have the option to embed permanent lights into existing fixtures, saving both installation time and cost compared to competing products.  Colored caps are available to blend in seamlessly to any color trim.

permanent house light caps
EverLights cap

Now You're Ready To Get Creative

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