Troubleshooting Your System


1. Turn your lights on

2. Unplug ALL the power boosters. (If you cannot get to them and if they are not plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a switch, please flip the breaker(s) that provide power to each of their individual outlets.)

3. If any lights are still on after you unplug the power boosters, one was missed and still needs to be unplugged.

4. Plug the power booster that is connected to the wireless receiver back in. (The lights on the house should flash blue when this is done)

5. Plug the remaining power boosters back into their respective outlets. After running the power cycle, please use the RGB sliders in your EverLights app to turn the lights to pure white, then pure red, pure green, and then pure blue.

If you're still facing issues please fill out the form below & someone will contact you.