Permanent Christmas Light Installation 

When it comes to simple Christmas light installation, homeowners turn to EverLights. Our patented design means EverLights are the easiest permanent holiday lights to install. Whether you’re an experienced tradesman or a weekend warrior, we’ll walk you through the system and installation procedure with the following guide.

The 3 Must Follow Rules For A Proper Install 

If all else fails, follow these rules and you will be OK. 


Never cut any wires with the lights powered. The lights are powered anytime they are plugged into a power source, whether the lights are on or not. Always install with the lights unplugged from all power sources. 


Connect like to like wires. The wire labeled “EverLights” only connects to other wires labeled “EverLights”. Same deal for the other two wires. 


Keep the direction of the lights constant. Every light has an input and output. They must always connect in to out. The back of every light is labeled and includes an arrow. Ensure all arrows are pointing in the same direction. 

Failure to follow these rules will result in an increased failure rate because of improper power flow.