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If you are experiencing an issue with your EverLights system it’s likely similar to one of the following pictures. Click on a thumbnail to learn more. For further information, read through the content below.

Not All Lights Turning On

Light Displays The Wrong Color

Random Lights Turning On

Lights Stuck On When Scheduled Off

Connection Issues

Unresponsive Control Box

Not All Lights Turning On

There are three reasons only some of your lights would come on:
1. Something was wired incorrectly. Double check all your connections. If your lights were previously working properly you can rule this out.
2. The length of lights is setup incorrectly in the app - To check this go to the settings tab in the app and see what it says. The length of lights in the settings is all that will illuminate. For example, if you have it set to 10 only the first 10 feet of lights will work, no matter how many feet you have.
3. A light has gone bad. This could either be the first light that is not working or the last light that is working, we recommend replacing both at once to make sure it fixes the problem. Be sure to unplug all power boosters and the control box power supply before cutting any wires. Ensure the replacement lights are installed in the proper direction. If you find a dead light is the issue it’s wise to give your system a visual inspection for places the lights may be shorting. The most common places are at wire terminations and possible pinch points such as a transition from gutter to flashing. Look for any exposed wires and coat with liquid electrical tape.

Light Displays The Wrong Color

Each LED has three pixels inside, a red, green, and blue. If one of these pixels stops working properly you will not get the right color when mixing the brightness of the pixels. Turn your lights to white full brightness to identify if this is the issue. A dead red pixel will result in a teal light, a dead green will make purple, and a dead blue will make yellow. You can also verify a dead pixel by changing to pure red, green, or blue. If the suspect light doesn’t illuminate on one of the colors, that’s the pixel that went out. To fix this simply replace the bad light with a light from your patch kit. Make sure all power supplies/boosters are unplugged before you cut any wires and double check the direction of the patch light you splice in.

Random Lights Turning On

If you notice random lights turning on by themselves there is a data issue in the lights somewhere. Even though the lights are off they are always receiving power and a continuous data signal telling them to be off. If you were to unplug a control box but continue powering the lights with a power booster the lights would start doing their own thing after a while. So if you see random lights turning on it’s one of two issues:
1. Your control box is not working properly. Connect to the control box via the app and ensure proper function. If you’re having difficulty with your control box at this point please visit the control box troubleshooting on this page.
2. There is a light somewhere that has gone bad and is not sending the off message to the lights downstream from it. To identify this light turn on your lights to a solid pattern. Wherever the proper pattern stops displaying is your problem. With all power off, use your patch kit to swap out the last light that appears to be working properly and the first light that is not. Double check the direction of the patch lights before crimping. When the fix is complete plug everything back in and confirm proper function is restored.
If you do not have time to troubleshoot at the moment but want the lights to turn off simply unplug your control box power supply and power down or unplug all power boosters.

Lights Stuck On When Scheduled Off

Usually indicates a bad light. This could mean the first light that’s illuminated is not receiving the signal to turn off, or that the last light off is not sending the off signal to the next light. We recommend replacing both lights at the same time to make sure you get the correct light on the first try. Use your patch kit and turn all power off to make the change. Ensure the direction of the patch lights matches the existing lights. If you do not have time to troubleshoot at the moment but want the lights to turn off, simply unplug your control box power supply and power down or unplug all power boosters.

Connection Issues

There are many potential causes for network connection issues. Please carefully review our control box section below to confirm everything is in compliance with the network requirements. If connecting to your home network is proving problematic you always have Access Point mode to fall back on. To use AP mode, simply connect to the EverLights_ Wi-Fi network (press the reset button briefly if the Wi-Fi network is not projecting), verify the IP address in the app is listed as, and use the app as normal. You have full function of your lights and control box in AP mode, you just need to always make sure your device is connected to the EverLights_ Wi-Fi network to control the lights.

Unresponsive Control Box

If there are no lights illuminated inside your control box but your power supply’s blue light is illuminated you may suspect a problem with your control box. However, in most cases like this the lights are off because the last command they received was a manual shutoff. First try controlling the lights in the app as usual. If your app isn’t connected to the control box give the reset button a brief press, connect to the EverLights__ Wi-Fi network that broadcasts, and go through the setup wizard in the app. Note that the control box will not illuminate green in this scenario when pressing the reset button because the manual off command overrides the reset press. If you have tried all of this and it’s still not working try a hard reset of the control box. To do this, unplug any lights but leave the power supply plugged in. Next hold the reset button for 15 seconds. Upon releasing the button, the control box should light up green and be ready for setup as usual. If it does not illuminate green at this point unplug the power supply and plug it back in after 5 seconds. If you’re still getting no response from it there’s likely a hardware problem. Please contact us if this is the case.
If you do not have time to troubleshoot at the moment but want the lights to turn off, simply unplug your control box power supply and power down or unplug all power boosters.

Control Box

Basics – Double check these before proceeding further.

– Make sure you have a strong 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi signal where you are attempting to connect your control box. A poor signal strength could lead to spotty or unsuccessful communication. You can rule out poor signal strength issues by moving the control box near your router and see if problems persist.

– Double check connections: make sure the right wires are connected to one another at all connection points. A wrong connection on a terminal block can be damaging to the lights and prevent them from turning on.

– Make sure the power supply is properly connected to the wall and securely in the control box.  There should be a blue solid light illuminated on the power brick. Make sure GFCI or breaker has not been tripped.

– Check your application store to make sure you have the latest version of the app.

– Verify the lights are plugged into the correct zone and that zone lengths are set to the proper distance for your home.

– Any special characters in your network name or password? Sometimes these will trip up the connection protocol.


Only some of the lights respond to my commands

If you’ve already verified the zone length is correct, this is most likely a light issue.  Please refer to the lights troubleshooting guide here.

Control box worked previously, now it’s unresponsive

Run through the control box setup again. It’s possible the IP address assigned to your controller has changed. If the power goes out or you have unplugged your router, there’s a good chance a new IP address has been assigned to the control box.

The control box is blue, but doesn’t change colors with the app

This is what is known as a validation error.  It occurs when we attempted to update your control box’s firmware and something disrupted that process.  Please let us know via the support form and we can send a fix.

The app is frozen

Try “killing” the app and reopening it.  This is done on an Apple device by double clicking the home button and swiping up, or on an Android device by selecting the recently used app button and swiping the app off the screen.

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Basics – Double check these before proceeding further.

– Make sure direction is correct: first light from the control box should be connected on the “In” side of the light. Connect all subsequent lights “Out” to “In” every time.

– Double check connections: make sure the right wires are connected to one another at all connection points. A wrong connection on one end of the house can affect the lights on the other end of the house.

– Make sure like wires are always connected and never crossed.

-Double check power booster inputs: the red wire is the positive wire and connects to the light wires labeled “EverLights”. The black wire connects to the other outside wire, labeled “GND”.

-Never cut the lights with power on.  Make sure all power boosters are unplugged and the light strand is unplugged from the control box.  Turning off the lights in the app is not sufficient.


The lights work properly, then stop all of a sudden

Likely a malfunction of the first light that is off. Try turning the lights off and back on. If problem persists, it’s best to replace the suspect light. However, in rare cases it could also be a data issue between the last light working and the first light off. To avoid making two splices, it is typically best to just replace the last light that works and first light that is off with two of your spare lights.

Only half the lights work and they are unresponsive

Likely caused by positive and ground wires coming in contact. This could either be in a connection or at the terminated wire at the end of the run.

The lights are doing the incorrect color or effect

This is likely caused by damage to the data line either within an LED or between LEDs.  Replace the last working light and the first bad light. If this occurs after a Y split or long run of wire read the section below titled “The lights are acting funny after a run of unlit wire or a Y split”.

The color of the lights gradually changes across the house

If you change your lights to solid white, do they gradually turn yellow and start to even turn red?  Sounds like you need a power booster. These are recommended every 75′. but can vary with splits in the line and overall load.

One light is the wrong color

One of the pixels inside the LED may be damaged. You can verify this by setting the lights to all red, then all green, and finally all blue. If the light in question did not light up with one of those colors, it means the corresponding pixel went out. Simply replace the affected light, no need to replace the light before it as well.

The lights fade out and start blinking

This is caused by wiring a power booster in backwards. Double check that the positive wire from the power booster (red) is connected to the positive wires of the lights (labeled “EverLights”). The other cause for this is a short at the end of the lights. Verify the wires at the terminated end are coated properly and not in contact with one another or being bridged by metal, water, or ice.

The lights are acting funny after a run of unlit wire or a Y split

Your run of unlit wire may have excessive data degradation.  Try splicing in a light to the middle of the run. Each light will refresh the signal to clean up the data line. The same thing can happen after a Y split as the signal has been divided and degraded. Adding a light to each leg right after a Y split will clean this up. In any of these cases, if you don’t want the light to be visible just wrap it in electrical tape.

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