Let’s start with diagnosing what is going on in your scenario and the steps you can take to fix it

Basics – Double check these before proceeding further

  • Make sure direction is correct: first light from the control box should be connected on the “In” side of the light. Connect all subsequent lights “Out” to “In” every time.
  • Double check connections: make sure the right wires are connected to one another at all connection points. A wrong connection on one end of the house can affect the lights on the other end of the house. Make sure like wires are always connected and never crossed.
  • Double check power booster inputs: the red wire is the positive wire and connects to the light wires labeled “EverLights”. The black wire connects to the other outside wire, labeled “GND”.
  • Never cut the lights with power on.  Make sure all power boosters are unplugged and the light strand is unplugged from the control box.  Turning off the lights in the app is not sufficient.

The lights work properly, then stop all of a sudden

Likely a malfunction of the first light that is off. Try turning the lights off and back on. If problem persists, it’s best to replace the suspect light. However, in rare cases it could also be a data issue between the last light working and the first light off. To avoid making two splices, it is typically best to just replace the last light that works and first light that is off with two of your spare lights.

Only half the lights work and they are unresponsive

Likely caused by positive and ground wires coming in contact. This could either be in a connection or at the terminated wire at the end of the run.

The lights are doing the incorrect color or effect

This is likely caused by damage to the data line either within an LED or between LEDs.  Replace the last working light and the first bad light.

The lights are getting dim at the end

If you change your lights to solid white, do they gradually turn yellow and start to even turn red?  Sounds like you need a power booster.  These are recommended every 75′. but can vary with splits in the line and overall load.

One light is the wrong color

One of the pixels inside the LED may be damaged. You can verify this by setting the lights to all red, then all green, and finally all blue. If the light in question did not light up with one of those colors, it means the corresponding pixel went out. Simply replace the affected light, no need to replace the light before it as well.

The lights fade out and start blinking

This is caused by wiring a power booster in backwards. Double check that the positive wire from the power booster is connected to the positive wires of the lights.

The lights are acting funny after a run of unlit wire

Your run of unlit wire may have excessive data degradation.  Try splicing in a light to the middle of the run.  Each light will refresh the signal to clean up the data line.

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