Control Box

Let’s start with diagnosing what is going on in your scenario and the steps you can take to fix it

Basics – Double check these before proceeding further

  • Make sure you have a strong WiFi signal where you are attempting to connect your control box
  • Double check connections: make sure the right wires are connected to one another at all connection points. A wrong connection on a terminal block can be damaging to the lights and prevent them from turning on.
  • Make sure the power supply is properly connected to the wall and securely in the control box.  There should be a blue solid light on the power brick.  Make sure GFCI or breaker has not been tripped.
  • Check your application store to make sure you have the latest version of the app.
  • Verify the lights are plugged into the correct zone and that zone lengths are set to the proper distance for your home.

Only some of the lights respond to my commands

If you’ve already verified the zone length is correct, this is most likely a light issue.  Please refer to the lights troubleshooting guide here.

Control box worked previously, now it’s unresponsive

Run through the control box setup again. It’s possible the IP address assigned to your controller has changed. If the power goes out or you have unplugged your router, there’s a good chance a new IP address has been assigned to the control box.

The control box is blue, but doesn’t change colors with the app

This is what is known as a validation error.  It occurs when we attempted to update your control box’s firmware and something disrupted that process.  Please let us know via the support form and we can send a fix.

The app is frozen

Try “killing” the app and reopening it.  This is done on an Apple device by double clicking the home button and swiping up, or on an Android device by selecting the recently used app button and swiping the app off the screen.

Zone 2 works, but zone 1 doesn’t anymore (or visa versa)

If your lights weren’t working and you tried switching to the other zone, and now they work.  You could have a zone failure.  This is most likely caused by a short in your lights that has damaged your control box.  Please refer to our short guide here.

Don’t see the answer to your problem here?

Please fill out the support form and let us know how we can help.