EverLights Installers in Utah

Illuminate Your Home with Every Color, for Every Season

Bring your house to life with EverLights, the permanent lights that brighten up homes all over Utah. Our smartphone-controlled, permanently-installed Christmas lights are nearly invisible during the day, but once the sun sets, your lights come on in all their glory. You’ll be the toast of the neighborhood, and your family will enjoy an illuminated home, all year-round.

Adorn Your Home with Awe-Inspiring Lights

Give your home a luxurious look with our permanent Christmas lights, minus the exorbitant price tag. EverLights’ lighting solutions look opulent and upscale, but they are easily installed and affordable. In fact, choosing permanent lights is a better option than ordinary seasonal lights. Why?

One-Time Installation

Installing Christmas lights just for the season means you need to hire a technician to put them up and take them down every year — all expensive work. In contrast, you only need to buy and install EverLights once.

Smart Control

No need to program your lights each year. With EverLights’ smart control app, you can control your lights right from your phone. You can decide how long they’ll be on, what colors they’ll display and more.


You no longer need to climb a ladder during Utah’s frosty holidays to install new lights. Your lights will turn on with just the touch of a button.

Energy-Efficient LED

Enjoy greater energy savings with our LED lights. You get spectacularly bright LED lighting while keeping your energy bills to a minimum.

Full Control Over Your Lighting

Once you’ve installed your EverLights, you can immediately enjoy them. The smart control app is designed for the busy homeowner, giving you the flexibility to control and customize your permanent lights.


You don’t have to go outside to control your permanent lights. With the EverLights app, you have power at your fingertips.


Get creative and light up your entire neighborhood with a rainbow of colors. With a click, you can change the light display from festive oranges to serene blues to calming greens.


Though they’recategorized as Christmas décor, you can use your permanent lights for any occasion. You can customize the bulbs’ display patterns for every birthday, anniversary or holiday.

Installation by the Experts

EverLights connects you with technicians in Utah who are trained to install our permanent lights. To find a contractor near you, go to our Installer Locator Map. These contractors are independent parties; they’re not representatives of EverLights, but they are held to the EverLights Code of Conduct. It’s still best practice to sign a contract with any party who will modify your property.

If you need help finding a contractor near you, contact us at info@myEverLights.com. Similarly, to work with a specific contractor—for instance, someone with whom you’ve worked before—contact us, and we’ll have them trained to installation our product.