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Using Your App

Using your EverLights App to create endless possibilities for your home!

Get Familiar With Your App

Follow along with Nick, in the video above, or check out some of these basic parts of your app!

Your Home Page

This home page is simple and mostly empty, so don't let that worry you! Use this page to check if you are connected to your network and bridge with the icons at the top right. We will review what the different colors mean below.

Setting A Schedule

Visit the Calendar page to set upcoming schedules. Easily program your lights to turn on at dusk and select what time the lights should turn off. You can enable one or more sequences per calendar booking.

Building Your Own Sequences

Select Sequences at the bottom of your app and the "+" symbol at the top of the page to start building your own pattern. Click the rainbow wheel to enable different modes of building including the wheel, RBG sliders, and more!

There's More To Know

Learning more and using all of your features!


The best way to select which effects you like best for your lights is to check them out on your home at night.

You can select "Effects" and it will bring you to the full list of options. You can change how quickly these effects happen with the slider bar.

And you can add more than one effect per sequence, just continue to click the "tap to select area" to add. Make sure these work together when your lights are on.

Sharing Your Custom Builds

If you have friends or neighbors that have a great sequence you want to copy, or you have raving fans interested in what you've built there is an easy way to share custom sequences.

Under your custom build, you will see the 3 dots at the top of the page. Click that and "Share Sequence". Then all you have to do is enter their email address and it will share your colors and effects with your friends and family!

To access shared sequences, simply visit the "Shared" section of your sequences page.

Deleting Scheduled Events

Did you get a little schedule happy and would like to remove an event on your upcoming calendar? Not a problem. Follow these steps to remove it:

Visit the Calendar section of your app. Select the date that you want to delete.

Press and hold that event that appears below the calendar. You will notice a small red trash can appear in the top of your screen. Then just click the trash and your event will be removed!

Complete Mobile Control

Set on autopilot! Holiday patterns auto activate at dusk and dawn. Set it and forget it.
Program your sequences to your calendar. Set multiple patterns for any date or event.
EverLights App, Calendar Page
Live Preview
Preview your patterns as you build them. Changes are instant.
Control each individual light with our custom sequence builder.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know when I am connected?

If you are connected to your network and bridge, your cloud will be BLUE and the signal will be GREEN.

Can the app be used by more than one person?

Yes, however your app will be controlled by a single login. Share your unique username and password with your partner, kids, or roommates. Everyone can enjoy building a custom light sequences and saving them for everyone to use.

Where do I find my bridge number for my warranty?

Under the setting tab, there is a "Bridge" option. Your Serial Number is located at the top of that page. You can easily provide that on your warranty signup.

What is autopilot?

Under the settings tab, there is an option to see information about your device. The autopiolt setting on your app will allow your lights to be auto scheduled to turn on for major holidays from our preset sequences built for holidays.

It saves you time in scheduling for many days you might forget about turning your lights on for, like Father's Day or Vetrans Day.

How does my app know when dusk or dawn is?

In order for this feature to work for your app, you will have to share your location. Based on your location, it will collect the local time for dusk or dawn. If you do not share your location with the app, you will have to go in and program what time dusk and dawn is for your area.