Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lights energy efficient?

Very efficient! A 300 foot system with three power boosters costs right around a penny an hour to run.

How many lights can be run with one controller?

560 lights (420 feet) out of each zone, for a total of 1,120 lights or 840 feet. However, this only counts lights connected in a continuous run. If you had a Y split at some point, only the lights on the longer continuous leg count towards the limit. Sections of unlit wire do not affect the count.

Can you assign a color to each individual light?

Yes, with a slight limitation: the longest sequence you can build in the app is 256 lights. Having anywhere near that many custom lights in your sequence would be quiet the undertaking though. Whatever sequence you make will be repeated to all the lights on your house. If your sequence is one color, all the lights will be that one color repeated. With a two color sequence, the colors will alternate all the way across the house. With a three light sequence… get the idea.

How long do the lights last?

In a vacuum the LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours. However, environmental factors can alter longevity. Periodic maintenance may be required.

To maximize lifetime do I need to turn the lights on at a specified interval?

No, though it’s fun to turn them on at least once a month, just because you can!

How many color options are there?

Theoretically each light can make over 16 million different colors.

Can I add more lights later?

Yes, you can splice on more lights at any point at any time. Same goes for power boosters.

Can you make warm white?

Absolutely, just play around on the color wheel or the RGB sliders to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Why do some colors look a little different on the app than what my lights display?

This is because the color wheel in the app is a true RGB pallet while the LEDs are monochromatic. There are no custom color wheels available that we can implement into the app that match the exact colors the LEDs are able to make. We will update the color wheel in the future. In the meantime, pick your colors by looking at your lights, not your screen.

If a light stops working, do all other lights after it stop working?

Yes. Replacing the bad light will restore proper function.

How do you replace a bad light?

Simply cut out the first light that is off and splice in one of your spares.

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