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Inviting Year-Round Accent Lighting

EverLights is partnering with a growing number of Chick-fil-A Owner/Operators across the country to simplify their holiday decorating and enable them to celebrate more holidays and special events in their communities.
With the EverLights mobile application on your phone or tablet you can utilize the energy-efficient LEDs on your building to change the colors, sequence, and animations. Celebrate any holiday throughout the year, show your support for local schools with their colors, or raise awareness for breast cancer the whole month of October … the possibilities are endless!
Please call one of us directly to talk and get any additional information you need. You can also fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your project.  We look forward to working with our Chick-fil-A partners across the country to have fun and brighten up their communities.
Owners: Darren Taylor – (385) 645-3837, Ross Harke – (385) 269-2911

Benefits of EverLights

What you should know about Everlights

Meeting Chick-fil-A facilities standards, all exterior connections are enclosed in weather-proof boxes.
All wire runs through conduit, leaving nothing exposed to the elements.
Colored caps mean EverLights will blend in with existing building features no matter the color, making the lights virtually invisible.
Lights can be mounted in existing building features or in a custom channel like this one. With over 50 channel colors available the trim integrates perfectly with the roofline.
Mechanical or adhesive attachments available for the trim to make sure no matter the region the trim is there to stay.
Can’t spot the lights? You’re not alone!

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