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EverLights & Chick-Fil-A

EverLights is partnering with a growing number of Chick-fil-A Owner/Operators across the country to simplify their holiday decorating and enable them to celebrate more holidays and special events in their communities.

With the EverLights mobile application on your phone or tablet you can utilize the energy-efficient LEDs on your building to change the colors, sequence, and animations. Celebrate any holiday throughout the year, show your support for local schools with their colors, or raise awareness for breast cancer the whole month of October … the possibilities are endless!

Benefits of EverLights

  • Tiny But Powerful

    Good things come in small packages! These energy efficient LEDs are super bright and cost pennies to run.

  • Color Match Caps

    Colored, UV resistant caps blend right into the existing trim of buildings for a seamless integration year round.

  • Year Round Use

    Hiding in plain site means you leave the lights up all year. This saves valuable time at least twice a year!

  • Always Straight

    The lights are embeded into durable building materials so they're always perfectly straight and evenly spaced.

  • Traditional Look

    Pointing the lights out provides the expected look of holiday lights and the largest viewing angle possible.

  • Channel Installed

    Your EverLights will be installed in a color matched channel that compliments the roofline..

  • Conduit & Junction Boxes

    As seen in the photos below, EverLights encloses your entire system in channel, conduit, and junction boxes to keep with facilities standards and approval.

  • Longest Lasting Outdoor Lights

    EXCLUSIVE: Never have whole sections go out again. These are the most dependable lights available!

“Two years ago, we looked into installing permanent lighting instead of paying for our annual installation of Christmas lights. With a relatively short break-even, we saw the financial benefits of installing permanent lighting and have enjoyed using it to celebrate holidays and other events.

After having EverLights permanently installed at our home and using them regularly, our team was interested to add them to our store. The benefits of having store exterior lights was easy for our leadership team to agree to fund, and better yet, it was something we could run through our FCR.

Guests have loved our lights and commented how they match those of the development our store is in. After working closely with the owners of EverLights for both our home and store installations, I can say they have a great product and are people of integrity. I’ve been impressed with their efforts to ensure our systems work flawlessly and that we have been completely satisfied with a great product for several years now.

I highly recommend EverLights to anyone looking for a way to dress up their store location or their home.”

Deven Macdonald

Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

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