Tips for How to Hang Christmas Lights Like a Pro

Tips for How to Hang Christmas Lights Like a Pro

Installing lights for the holidays is a common and wonderful way to show your excitement for the season. Your neighbors, family members, and favorite fictional television characters are all somehow ending up with gorgeous light displays in time for the holiday festivities.

Unfortunately, hanging Christmas and holiday lights is easier said than done. Sure, anyone can climb a ladder and throw up some twinkly lights, but doing it right (and making it look good) is another story. That's why we're sharing some tips to help you install Christmas lights like a pro.

If you are going to spend time and money decorating your home with holiday lights, you need to be aware of your options. You need to learn about the many types of holiday lights, how to test that they work, how to take measurements, and how to create an installation plan.

I bet you didn’t even realize that some holiday lights can be left up permanently. Don’t worry. We’ve assembled everything you need to know about hanging Christmas lights like a pro, and you can even scroll down for a short video on how to DIY your holiday lighting. Soon, your house will be the envy of the neighborhood…you might even make it off the naughty list.

Gather Supplies

Before you start installing holiday lights, you will need to make a trip to the hardware store for some supplies. Obviously, you will need to buy sufficient holiday lights for your intended display. There are a lot of options when it comes to Christmas lights—from mini-lights to LED and icicle lights—so we will go through them in the next section.

You may also need light hanging clips to help you install the lights securely anywhere. Make sure to buy the right clips for your lights because they come in a range of shapes and sizes. Whether you want to hang your lights on your gutters, shingles, walkways, windows, or railings, hanging clips can help ensure that your lights look beautiful and stay up.

You might also consider buying timers and controllers so that your lights will turn on and off automatically. If you decide to purchase EverLights holiday lights, you can control them from an app on your smartphone. Other necessary supplies may include a tape measure, extension cords, a ladder, and gloves.

Learn About the Types of Holiday Lights

There are a lot of holiday light options, and your choice will depend on factors like price, durability, energy, size, color, and brightness. Holiday lights can be clear, white, or colored and can stay lit, blink, or flash in other rhythms. Come up with a plan for what you want the final product to look like before you start spending money on lights.

C7 and C9 lights are popular for roof installation. C7 lights are strawberry-shaped with clear string. C9 lights are similar to C7 lights but larger. C9 lights also run hot and use more energy than most other options. 

Mini-lights are a convenient option that is relatively inexpensive. They use less energy than C7 and C9 bulbs, but they are also generally less durable.

LED lights are always a great option because they save energy and will last longer. They can be more expensive but they pay off in the long run.

Clear string lights are smaller than C7 and C9 lights but larger than LED lights. They are incandescent, meaning they emit light as a result of being heated.

There are also fun options like icicle lights which are popular for roofs. Icicle lights are LED lights that hang vertically and look like sparkly icicles. For tree trunk wrapping, mesh lights are a convenient and beautiful option.

Whatever lights you choose, one tip is to purchase stringers and bulbs separately whenever possible because it makes replacing dead bulbs a lot easier. It is also essential that you calculate light wattage so as not to overload the circuit or blow any fuses.

Consider Permanent Lights

Clearly, a lot of consideration, time, and effort goes into properly installing a magnificent display of lights. Why not make them permanent? EverLights permanent holiday lights are extremely high-quality and are meant to be left up year-round.

They’re virtually invisible during the day. When you’re ready to turn them on, you can choose any color and turn them on from the convenience of your smartphone. Permanent lights mean you’ll never have to face the headache of installation again and you’ll have festive lights at the ready for any occasion.

EverLights is also the most customizable system available, allowing users to design one-of-a-kind sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time.

Test Your Lights

There is nothing more frustrating than when you spend tons of time and effort hanging lights only to realize that they do not light up. Make sure you test every single string of lights before you start installing. This will save you a lot of time! It is also a good idea to buy shorter strings of lights because if one string of lights does not work, it will be easier and more affordable to replace them. 

Take Measurements

The only way to ensure a dazzling holiday light display is to measure and make a detailed plan. Before you even get the ladder out, measure everywhere that you are going to install lights to ensure you have enough lights to cover the full area. Don’t forget to consider any obstacles like windows, plants, or railings. You may need additional lights to go around these obstacles.

    Step by Step: Watch How to DIY Holiday LED Lighting

    Additional Steps to Consider 

    There are other steps to consider when installing holiday lights. 

    1. Make sure to identify your nearest electrical receptacle that can handle the wattage of the lights. 
    2. Don’t forget to measure the lengths of every string of lights you’re using and match it up with where they will be installed. 
    3. Test the lights! You should both visually inspect your holiday lights and plug them in to ensure every bulb is working before installation. 
    4. Set up your ladder safely, making sure that you will be stable and safe while climbing.