Are LED Christmas lights the best option for holiday decorating?

Are LED Christmas lights the best option for holiday decorating?

Are LED Christmas lights the best option for holiday decorating?

LED Holiday Lights

Picture this. You just spent two days meticulously installing Christmas lights around the exterior of your home, carefully wrapping a tree twice your size, and ultimately making your home a winter wonderland. Then you see it, that one pesky bulb that burnt out and took a whole strand with it. Your work isn’t over, and it may never be. Back to the hardware store you go. There’s a better way, and it starts with LED Christmas lights.

What are LED lights and what makes them so much better?

LED lights don’t just last longer, they’re also brighter than traditional bulbs, they don’t use as much energy, and they don’t get nearly as hot. 

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. Basically, LED lights run an electrical current to the LED through a microchip, producing light. The biggest difference between LED lights and incandescent lights is that LED lights emit light and heat in a single direction, while incandescent lighting emits light and heat in all directions. This makes LED lights more efficient and brighter. Heat sinks stop LED lights from overheating. High-quality LED lights require sophisticated engineering, resulting in brighter, cooler, and more energy-efficient lighting products. But this is also the reason for the higher price tag.

EverLights permanent holiday lights are the highest-quality LED lights available, meaning they can stay up year-round with little to no maintenance. They are also a sustainable choice, so you won’t see too much of a change to your electricity bill. Look for Energy-Star Certified LED lights to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency!

Why choose LED lights?

Choosing the right Christmas lights for your home starts with the choice to invest in lights that last. LED lights are every avid decorator’s go-to choice for a few reasons: 

  • durability, 
  • brightness, 
  • and energy consumption. 

The ticket price for LED lights is higher than for equivalent incandescent options, but that upfront cost should not be your only consideration. The key is durability. LED lights are built to last, so your money goes further. On average, LED lights last 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Your LED bulbs will last for years, and truly high-quality LED holiday light strands will allow you to replace single bulbs when they go out, rather than having to toss out the whole strand. Your choice to use LED bulbs is the right one for your wallet and for the planet. What are you waiting for?

LED lights surpass incandescent bulbs at every turn—producing light 90% more efficiently—and you don’t miss out on any options when it comes to shapes and colors. There are limitless color options when it comes to LED lights. If you use Everlights, you don’t even have to commit to one. You can switch them up from your SmartPhone whenever the mood strikes. Red for Valentine’s Day, anyone? 

Make sure the color of your LED lights matches your expectations before you invest. You should also do your research and buy lights that maintain the quality of brightness and color over time. Durability, color, and finish are all important factors to consider when purchasing LED lights for your holiday (or every day) display. 

Shapes and sizes are also limitless–from small strawberry-shaped string lights to icicles and mesh tree wraps—you can find just about anything in LED. LED lights come in three primary finishes: faceted, smooth, and frosted. This is really up to preference. The most popular finish tends to be faceted because it’s the original. Smooth is very clear and bright, and frosted is the most classic look.

The holiday season is full of hard choices, from what gifts to buy for loved ones to what to serve at Christmas dinner. The choice to use LED Christmas lights should be easy.